Questions and Answers About Renting Storage For The First Time

Due to life events such as marriage, college, relocation, and downsizing, many individuals have the need to store their belongings. One of the most popular and simplest methods of storage is to rent a storage unit. Those who are new to storage rental can read the questions and answers below to learn important information about renting Storage Units in Queens NY.

What is a storage facility and how do they operate?

A storage facility is a building that has a number of separate units that individuals can rent to store their belongings. Individuals choose a specific unit size depending on the number of items they have to store. Payment for the unit is made monthly, and individuals can store their belongings for as long as necessary.


Each person who rents a unit has their own key or access code that’s specific to their unit. No one else will be able to enter the unit unless individuals provide the access code. Facilities are open every day of the week, which makes it convenient for individuals who are renting storage.

What are the sizes and prices of the units in a storage facility?

Storage facilities offer multiple units in various sizes so individuals can select the size that’s appropriate for their belongings. Small units are typically 5′ x 5′ and large units will give individuals 10′ x 10′ of space. The prices of Self Storage Units often vary by location, but the smaller units are less expensive than the large units, which means that individuals won’t have to pay for space they don’t need.

What is a climate controlled unit and should individuals rent one?

Climate-controlled storage units are available at many locations that offer storage solutions. These units are located inside a building where the temperature remains between 55 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the perfect temperature variance for storing anything in a storage unit.

Units that aren’t climate controlled are outside, and the temperature will fluctuate inside the storage unit as it changes with the seasons. Since extremely hot or cold temperatures can ruin or damage some items that are in storage, it’s recommended that individuals rent Self Storage Units in Queens NY that are climate controlled.

Do the owners have safety measures in place at the facility?

Many Self Storage Facilities in Queens NY have a number of safety measures in place so their customers’ possessions remain safe at all times. These may include perimeter fencing, electronic gates, personal access codes, door alarms, and video surveillance cameras. Before renting a storage unit, individuals should inquire about the safety measures that are in place at the facility.

Individuals in Queens who need a safe and affordable place to store their belongings can contact Storage Post. This location offers climate-controlled units in numerous sizes to accommodate everyone’s storage needs.

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